Tragic Tornado - Tenacious Tennesseans!

My heart was broken when we woke up to see the news reports of the devastating tornado that plowed through Nashville while we slept. I literally was trembling as I was watching the images. We just knew we needed to find a way to help.

Some members of my team immediately started making calls and figuring out the best place to pool resources. We were in route by 8:30am and we arrived at ZEAL Church on Charlotte Pike to lend our hands. They had an extraordinary team already assembling to get immediate help to our neighbors.

We divided into teams and then dispersed out into the community to do several things: document needs to get that info to the Red Cross, distribute water and food to our First Responders and neighbors in need, organize essentials from neighbors dropping them off, and coordinate with Joyce Meyer's Hand of Hope, as well as Convoy of Hope, who were already on the way with trucks of relief aid.

As we began walking the streets of our designated area, one sight stands out most to me. I saw a bedroom wall that had been completely ripped off of the front of the house, where 3 children were sleeping in a Queen bed up against that same wall, and yet all 3 children were untouched.

Something Roma Downey said that has always stuck with me is that when major crisis happens in a community, you can always find God in the hands of the helpers. I never saw that more on display than in Nashville that day. And it's not the first time. I saw it with the flood in Nashville 10 years ago, as well.

We are called the Volunteer State for a reason. We pull together! People were assembling all over this city in record time. Clean up crews were showing up in neighborhoods and then turning back around because the street was already cleared by the volunteers. This is how we rise. This is what we do.

Proud to be a Tennessean!

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