President Trump's State of the Union Address

I'd like to congratulate our President on an impeccable delivery of the State of the Union last night. I was deeply moved on so many occasions during this speech, such as the story of the holocoaust survivor rescued by his brave American liberator seated next to him; the incredible men who fought so bravely on D-Day; the tenured ICE agent who has fought so bravely to rescue girls from the sex trafficking trade and protect our borders.

Mostly, I am so proud to have an immovable, Christian Commander In Chief who defends our Constitution, will not budge on protecting the liberties of our Constitution, and takes a strong stand for our unborn children. His accomplishments over the last 2 years in office are unprecedented and should be shouted from rooftops with popping champagne corks heard all across this nation.

It is my great hope that we can come together as a nation and end this defiance from opposing parties that is so harmful and deters our focus. I applaud President Trump's ongoing effort to keep our eye on the ball and pass legislation to uphold our Constitution; in the context that our founders intended it.

Diane Michel Canada For
Tennessee House of Representatives 2020

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