Campaign Kickoff Party

Diane Michel For Senate
Campaign Kickoff Party

This was a night I will never forget...the official public launch of my campaign. Having a previous history in entertainment, I can remember the nerves kicking in before a show. I expected it to be a similar feeling in kicking off a campaign and delivering my first speech, but I was amazed at how relaxed I felt.

This is different. This isn't about me, it's about the work. It's about service. It's about people in my community. It's about something much bigger than me.

As I mentioned in my speech, God starting stirring a calling in me 2 years ago for public service and I wasn't sure what to do with that. It came as a big surprise to me and it wasn't something I was particularly jumping with joy to do, to be honest, initially.

I see how our politicians are ripped to shreds in the media and in social and political arenas. I see how their lives on on public display. I see how hard the problems are to solve. Why, on God's green earth, would I want to put myself in that kind of a position. Why would anyone?

The political salaries are certainly not a State Legislator. I'll be paid around $27k for a salary plus a daily stipend while the General Assembly is in session, totaling somewhere around $40k for the year I believe. I can still keep my day job as a Speaker, I just work around the months we are in session!

But when I began to look at it through God's lens, and as he has clarified the call in me these last two years, now I am incredibly passionate about moving forward! I see how all of the experiences in my life have led me to this day.

I see how God can take all of the unexplained, difficult, and challenging years of my life and put it to good use. I see the unique perspective, real-world experience, and compassion I can bring to the floor.

At this point, I am all in...this is strictly an act of obedience. I have no political ambitions and I have no attachment to the outcome, other than to be of service to my community and to let God lead me where He will have me to go.

Thank you to all who supported me, rather in-person or in-spirit. I promise to do you proud, Nashville!

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