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Smoother Homecoming; 

Reduce Veteran Suicide

We have a mandatory 6-week boot camp for our soldiers, we then program them intensely for war, so why is there no required re-acclimation to society program when they come home?  


An effective re-entry program for post-war veterans should be implemented, as part of the out-processing, to help them overcome the mental, emotional and moral traumas of war and ease back into society.


In my plan, this will include the well-proven EMDR Therapy to help our vets find freedom from mental hauntings and night terrors, EQUINE therapy to teach them how to reduce triggers and rebuild healthy relationships, and a FAMILY PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM to teach the families how to best support their veteran once they are home.  

One Moral Compass for Society; Keep God In!

Our country was founded on God's principals and laws. There can only be one moral compass to guide a society.


Without denying others the right to their own beliefs, we must have one north that we can all agree on. Otherwise, the gauge between right and wrong is blurred and unsustainable.


As a nation, we must not abandon our founding principals in the name of tolerance. Period.

"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports." - George Washington


"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." - Benjamin Franklin

"Laws without morals are in vain." - Benjamin Franklin 

Pro-Life with Modern

Post-Birth Alternatives

I believe that human life begins at conception and that we must protect those who cannot protect themselves. I oppose abortion at any gestational stage and oppose the sale of fetal organs. We need to open new discussions on real-world solutions such as: costs of care once a child is born.


I have a vision for building a "St. Jude-esque" facility where it's easier for a woman to choose life. This facility would be a one-stop-shop for prenatal care and preparedness, a Labor & Delivery Ward, a NICU, on-site adoption services, supplies and financial support services for the first 2 years of the baby's life, on-site daycare, career planning and wardrobe, etc. This could be a mix of state and private funding, donations, and partially staffed by volunteers.   

Creatively Strengthening Small Businesses & Solo-preneurs

The days of retiring from the same corporate job in America are long gone. I believe that the entrepreneurial spirit is the heartbeat of America and a viable pathway to the American dream, especially for the underprivileged. I've spent my life as an entrepreneur and it shouldn't be as hard as it is for businesses to "make it". We can do better in Tennessee!


I believe healthy companies  begin with healthy owners who can see a light at the end of a tunnel, rather than being buried by the hardships and the overwhelm.


As a result, I believe less in simply creating "j.o.b.s." and more in creating thriving cultures, where all of those who passionately trade their time & talents are rewarded with a higher quality of life.

Education is Crucial. College is Not.

I believe children have various learning styles and that cookie-cutter teaching methods are outdated and ineffective. We need updated teaching protocols that inspire children to "want" to learn and restore the passion for educators.


Although technology plays a vital role in our society, our children also need to be taught healthy social interaction.


College is one way to a great education, but it's not the only one. As someone without a college degree, I believe in the power of apprenticeships. I would also like to see a renewed pride in the trades, as many of my family members were builders and tradesmen. We need different measuring sticks for today's modern workforce and we need to encourage lifelong learning.

No to

Socialism. Yes to Compassionate Capitalism.

I believe that innovation is driven by incentivized professionals. When one is pulling the load for many, then morale and passion for the work are lost and ultimately, everyone suffers.  


I do believe that we have an opportunity in front of us to rethink things like healthcare and mass layoffs in our culture. I don't believe in sacrificing people in order to please shareholders.


I do think we can drastically improve on our healthcare system, disarm big Pharma from the enormous power they currently wield in our society, and address root causes. But the answer is certainly not socialism. This only cripples nations and households.


Let's work together to build a better mousetrap.

Right To Bear Arms

I am a strong advocate for the right to personal defense and a defender of the 2nd Amendment. Guns are a part of our culture and always have been.

When I was awakened from a dead sleep at midnight recently with a man trying to kick my door in, and 911 was backed up due to our severe police officer shortage, I could defend myself with the gun in my hand. 


We don't have a gun problem in our country...we have a heart problem. We must look at the root causes. I will turn the focus towards examining cultural indicators, such as social media, the desensitization of children in the form of graphically violent games and entertainment, as well as the role anti-depressants and pharmaceuticals have played in the significant increase in violent crimes in our nation.



I believe in an orderly and legal flow of immigration into the U.S. and welcoming peaceful, productive and law-abiding new citizens to our country.

I can see this from both sides. Members of my father's family immigrated to the US. However, I have also been on the receiving end of a crime from an illegal immigrant. I have seen, first hand, that a lack of adherance and regard for our laws puts Americans in great danger. 


I do think the protocol governing citizenship should be reexamined and improved upon, but I don't believe we should live in a society with unsecured borders. I am also opposed to sanctuary cities.


I believe that immigrants should adapt to our way of life rather than expecting Americans to adapt to theirs.   

Criminal Justice Reform

I believe that when someone commits a crime, there absolutely should be consequences. However, we can do better than our current system, which is quite broken. 


There are massive inefficiencies in our prison system, of which I have seen up close, as I currently teach entrepreneurial skills in the maximum-security Tennessee Prison for Women. It is not only fiscally wise to redirect taxpayer's money, now widely spent on housing non-violent offenders and/or recidivism, but to give those who have paid their debt to society a better chance for a fresh start upon release.   

I believe this will lead to safer neighborhoods, reformed and more productive previous offenders, and less impact on our local economy.