Freedom is on the ballot this year. Progressive and socialist ideals are rampant. 


It's not about voting the Party line, it's now about DRAWING the line! ​ 

  • These shutdowns must end. We must safely but urgently open our small businesses & schools. 

  • Government must be fiscally responsible. The recent 34% property tax increase is not okay.

  • Openly Marxist organizations like BLM & ANTIFA cannot take root in Tennessee.


The large majority of our Police Officers are good-hearted, public servants. I would never "defund" them and, in contrast, will do all I can to DEFEND them.


Nobody hates a bad cop more than a good cop.


If anything, I believe our Police deserve more money, not less. 



The creative and entrepreneurial spirit is the heartbeat of Tennessee and a viable pathway to the American dream. 


Owners should see a light at the end of a tunnel, rather than facing closure due to unconstitutional mandates or staggering tax increases.  


As an entrepreneur & business consultant, I understand the struggle. We need to allow our small businesses to reopen and begin to rebuild our economy.



We lose 22 veterans each day to suicide and countless others live their lives on numerous pharmaceuticals prescribed by the VA. Our Veterans deserve better.


I have a plan to change the out-processing system. This will reduce the stigma and treat PTSD prior to separation.


After the loss of my own brother to PTSD, and how much he suffered in silence out of pride as a retired Special Ops Marine, I'll work to save other families the unimaginable grief mine endured.



Human Trafficking is happening all around us, but very little is mentioned about it in our news cycles. I have a plan to put our retired military Special Forces to work, with one sole mission...to search and rescue our children and neighbors who have fallen prey to this evil underworld.


I want Tennessee free of trafficking and the fear that accompanies it. 



I am unapologetically pro-life and I believe that human life begins at conception, but we must also care for the scared mothers who don’t know where to turn in the case of a surprise pregnancy. We need answers to real-world problems such as costs of care once a child is born. I have ideas to make it easier for a woman to choose the blessing of life!  



We don't have a gun problem in our country...we have a heart problem. We must look at the root causes behind the tragic mass shootings in our schools and communities. 

Our children should never have to be afraid to attend school. Parents should never lose a child to a shooting. 

But taking our guns is NOT an option. Americans must be able to defend their families, their property, and their own lives. I will stand strong for our fundamental right to bear arms. 



When someone commits a crime, there absolutely should be consequences, however, our current system is quite broken.


I've witnessed this as I've been teaching in the maximum-security prison for women. 


It is not only fiscally wise to look carefully at how our taxpayer's money is being mismanaged but to give those who have paid their debt to society a better chance for a fresh start upon release. 


I believe this will lead to safer neighborhoods, reformed, and more productive previous offenders, and less impact on our local economy.