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Diane's Platform Topics 


We lose 22 veterans each day to suicide and countless others live their lives on numerous pharmaceuticals prescribed by the VA. This is unacceptable to me. I have a plan to change the out-processing system for our post-war veterans, which we can begin to do at the state level. This will reduce the stigma attached to veterans in need of support. 


After the loss of my own brother to PTSD, and how much he suffered in silence out of pride, I'd like to save other families from the pain mine endured.


There can only be one moral compass to guide society. 

Without denying others the right to their own beliefs, we must have one north that we can all agree on. Otherwise, the gauge between right and wrong is blurred and unsustainable.


As a nation, we must not abandon our founding principals in the name of tolerance. Period.


We used to be called the Athens of the South. Among the reasons why were all roads led to Nashville...and they still do.  

Human Trafficking is an epidemic in our communities, but very little is mentioned about it in our news cycles. I have a plan to build a task force with our former military Special Forces, and deputize them, with one sole mission...to search and rescue Tennesseans who have fallen prey to this evil underworld.


Although I believe that human life begins at conception and I’m in support of the heartbeat bill, we must also care for the scared mothers who don’t know where to turn in the case of a surprise pregnancy. We need to open new discussions on real-world solutions such as: costs of care once a child is born.

I have a vision for building a "St. Jude-type" facility that provides every resource possible to educate to prevent pregnancies, support women through delivery, and address post-birth needs. 


Together, we can find solutions and make it easier for a woman to choose the blessing of life!  


The creative and entrepreneurial spirit is the heartbeat of Tennessee and a viable pathway to the American dream, especially for the underprivileged.


Healthy companies begin with healthy owners who can see a light at the end of a tunnel, rather than being buried by the hardships and the overwhelm. 


I believe less in simply creating "j.o.b.s." and more in creating thriving cultures, where all of those who passionately trade their time & talents are rewarded with a higher quality of life. 


We don't have a gun problem in our country...we have a heart problem.


We must look at the root causes behind the tragic mass shootings in our schools and communities. I will turn the focus towards examining cultural indicators, , as well as the role anti-depressants and pharmaceuticals have played in the significant increase in violent crimes in our nation.


College is one way to a great education, but it's not the only one. As someone without a college degree, I have experienced the power of apprenticeships and entrepreneurship. I would also like to see a renewed pride in the trades, as many of my family members were builders and tradesmen.


We need different measuring sticks for today's modern workforce and we need to encourage lifelong learning.


I believe in an orderly and legal flow of immigration into the U.S. and welcoming peaceful, productive and law-abiding new citizens to our country. I do think the protocol governing citizenship should be reexamined and improved upon, and my heart breaks for children separated from their families, but we cannot sustain a functional society with unsecured borders.


I am opposed to sanctuary cities. I support President Trump in the building of the wall. I believe that immigrants should adapt to our way of life rather than expecting Americans to adapt to theirs.   


When someone commits a crime, there absolutely should be consequences, and prison certainly shouldn't be a picnic. However, our current system is quite broken.


It is not only fiscally wise to look carefully at how our taxpayer's money is being mismanaged but to give those who have paid their debt to society a better chance for a fresh start upon release.


I believe this will lead to safer neighborhoods, reformed and more productive previous offenders, and less impact on our local economy.