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Diane Canada

The Republican Nominee for TN State Representative

District 56: The legendary "Harwell District" 

Text "Diane" to 56512 to Donate

There Is Currently No Conservative Voice For Davidson County

in the State House of Representatives. Diane Will Be Your Voice!

Why Diane?

"Whether we like it or not, we are in a battle for our country right now, clearly evident by the devastating violence in cities across America during these riots. We've lost the luxury of looking the other way or riding the fence. We need warriors in office with a primary focus on restoring our country. The days of remaining neutral or politically correct are over. It's going to take people willing to be bold.


We are to be a self-governing society, yet government is encroaching more and more on our civil liberties, with progressive and socialist ideals running rampant. America is the last frontier. If we lose our values and freedom that so many died to give us, what then?

As we've seen with our President Donald Trump and with our Governor Bill Lee, it doesn't take a career politician to be effective. I don't have a long political pedigree. What I do have is a resilient spirit, a love for our country, and a history of bringing valuable ideas to fruition through the most challenging of climates! 


My leadership skills were developed over two decades as a Consultant for small business owners trying to build or sustain the American dream, as a visionary in the music and television industry pioneering new ground for Artists, and as an entrepreneur myself. I've had an incredible education in the human spirit.

Moving from Atlanta, nearly 20 years ago, and guiding people who span so many different professions (Doctors & Surgeons, Music & TV, Wellness, Financial & Real Estate, etc.) has widened my perspective, rather than being limited to living and working in only one area in my life. Nashville is a very diverse community and we need someone who understands our complex differences, yet can zero in on our commonalities.


As a Fiscal Conservative, I'm committed to upholding the constitution and limiting government. As a Christian, I believe that God's principals are the gauge on which our laws are based.


It would be my honor to serve you as the next State Representative for District 56.

I hope to earn your support and your vote." 


Diane Canada 


Diane's Story

If you'd like to get to know Diane better, pick up a copy of her brand new autobiography. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is

for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

Diane Michel Canada For
Tennessee House of Representatives 2020

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